I am Norbert Leser and primarily use this website to portray some of my photography work. You may view my Kwasir Photo Gallery by selecting the Gallery tab above, or select one of the images on the right to look at specifc photo collections.

My photos depict ordinary life, structures, and details in a wide range of images, but generally the underlying theme is a consciousness of the environment and the human impact on it.

I am also fascinated with the different ways of life, here in Maine and other parts of the world. I often try to capture seeming contradictions such as the moments of calm and reflection within a context of bustling, noisy, and fast-paced (urban) surroundings. In this way, the images may bring simplicity into complex life.

However, everyone may see my pictures differently and I believe that any form of art is subjective and that it is left to the viewer to interpret both my intent and their own perception.

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New - Photography Book - Released on March 18, 2016: CUBA - Locked in Time

  • Sample Page: Cover

  • Sample Page: Centro Habana, Cuba

  • Sample Page: Trinidad, Cuba

  • Sample Page: Habana Vieja, Cuba

  • Sample Page: New Year's Eve Pig Roast, Habana, Cuba

  • Sample Page: Photo Index I

  • Sample Page: Photo Index II

This is a collection of my photographs from various locations in Cuba, including Habana, Trinidad, Cienfuegos, and Sancti Spiritus. These photos are from 2007 and 2008, when power was transferred from Fidel to Raúl Castro.

Behind each single image there is an untold story about people battered by continuing decade-long sanctions and other economic and political pressure, yet resilient and full of dignity.

This book may help you to experience this country and its people, just 90 miles off the southeast coast of the US. It is filled with about 40 full-page art prints that portray the mood and sentiment of this still largely unknown country.

ISBN: 978-1-944784-21-8
11 x 8 x 1/2 inches, 46 pages, paperback, 10 ounces

$24.80 (Free economy shipping within US)
- For expedited and international shipping contact sales@kwasir.org



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Kwasir \'kwa-,zir\ is a figure in the Nordic and Germanic mythology who is known as someone with "unbearable wisdom". He is the personification of a drink (met) that entrances people. Persons who drank it inherit some of Kwasir's wisdom, made them unbelievably wise and good.

The wise Kwasir was created by joining the earthbound Wanen (Yin) with the heavenly Asen (Yan) which symbolizes a new stage of development. Up to then, life was lead by egocentric understanding, instincts, and desire. Now a higher level of integrated knowledge begins due to an awareness of others. A sense of conscience came from this new knowledge, which indicated the relationship between behavior and inner consciousness.

I believe that today's society may greatly benefit from a similar new stage of development, to defeat the egocentric instincts and desires that can be observed here and in many other parts of the world. That's why I thought of Kwasir as the name for my website.