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Only phone numbers with local area prefixes (863, 867, and 366) will be accepted. In case you do not have a home phone with these numbers, if you use a smartphone, for instance, you may send us a request for an exception in order to be whitelisted.

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We also require email address and name for security reasons. (The email you provide for registration stays private. If you want your email to be published, you may add an email address later to your listing.)

In cases where multiple persons (or businesses) share the same home phone number, only one registration is needed.

There are several cases where one person has multiple phone numbers listed. Since we allow for multiple phone numbers and secondary (off-season) address, you may either consolidate these entries under a single registered primary phone number or register a separate account for this other phone number.

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If you should notice any entries that are obsolete or incorrect, please email us so that we can fix it!