Request Reservation for 10 Chestnut Hill, Camden

Please use this form to request a reservation for your stay this Summer. Check and select the times available on the calendar below between May and October.

Minimum stay is 1 week (at $2,100.--). The maximum number of occupants is 6 (if more than 4, additional $40 per person/night). There is no fixed arrival day. Please choose based on availability. You may add days to the week ($280 per additional day). Charge for a full month is $5,800.-- (all rates listed are for 2022 season)

Once you submit the form, we will verify the availability and will get back to you via email to confirm and process the booking. Booking will be complete as soon as we receive a signed rental agreement and the rental deposit (click here for details).

We do not process any payment with this reservation request form.

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